Chiropractic Testimonials

** One day I was walking by the Dr.'s office and happened to be in a great deal of pain. I decided to stop in and see if the Dr. could do anything for me. She gave me a treatment and when I left her office 70% of my pain was gone. I went back the next day for another treatment. After, I was 90% pain free. I occasionally go back for a treatment to stay pain free.

Thank you Dr.

- D.B.

We have been patients of Dr. Pettigrew for the past year and couldn't be more pleased with her outstanding kindness, knowledge and guidance she has shown during our chiropractic visits.

Her support staff, as well, is very obliging in assisting patients with their routine visits and/or emergency situations if they so arise.Thank you for being there.

- V.B. & S.B.

When I first met the doctor at Living Well Chiropractic, I couldn't even play the piano. I still can't, but that's not their fault. I never could.

However, as a 52 year old former athlete who remains physically active, my body no longer can do what my mind remembers I could once do, and I occasionally find myself out of alignment. When that happens, a visit to Living Well Chiropractic is the answer. I don't even have to tell them where the pain is. They can perform diagnosis, accurately identify where I'm hurting, and then make the appropriate adjustment(s). I usually feel almost instantaneous relief.

Both my wife and I are on an "as needed" basis. When we feel ourselves in need of adjustment, usually after performing some rigorous activity, we give them a call, and are quick to accommodate us. On a couple occasions, we've even met at the office during off hours for an emergency adjustment.


- E.K. & G.B.

January 2015
Dear Dr. Pettigrew,

Just a quick note to thank you for your very effective treatment of my physical health problems.

When I first came to your office, I had been experiencing pain everywhere. I had been advised to see a traditional doctor, however my prior experiences with doctors had not been pleasant nor effective.

I had been exposed to Chiropractic methodologies some years ago, and despite my initial feeling that this would probably not be effective in treating my pain, I decided to give you a try before seeking surgery.

I began once per week treatments initially and soon thereafter began to see improvement in my level of pain. Through consistent application of your chiropractic treatment, I completely
avoided taking any pain medication and had full range of motion much sooner than I expected.

You recommended several vitamin and mineral supplements which you conveniently had available. I began to take these as well, and noticed that I felt better, had more energy, and felt depressed much less than I had been.

I continued once monthly treatments as was recommended as a way to avoid future problems. I plan on being a patient of yours for life.

Once again, many thanks!

Yours truly,

- V.B. & S.B.

Dear Patients,

I came to Living Well Chiropractic approximately 6 months ago due to a back injury I sustained. I noticed my back gradually weakening over a course of a couple of months but just ignored it since I never had back problems previously. I'm an ex-athlete and avid weight lifter, so I figured the problem would simply correct itself. Then one day I bent down at the water cooler and collapsed to my knees when my back locked up.

Within a week, I was back at the gym and doing light workouts. Since that time, I've been coming to Living Well Chiropractic approximately once a month and my back has held up fine. I have returned to my full regimen of workouts and have not had an incident since then.

For me personally, the entire experience has been excellent. My perception of a chiropractor was always someone who would figure out how many visits the insurance company would pay for and then schedule the visits accordingly. And I only associated chiropractic care as performing adjustments (i.e., cracking you back into place).
The doctor at Living Well Chiropractic takes everything so much further and offer an array of options for curing the injury. It might sound like a cliché but she certainly thinks "out of the box." But perhaps the best quality is genuine care for the patients and well-being in mind.

I'm sure if you begin care at Living Well Chiropractic that you'll come away from the experience equally impressed.


- J.P.

To Whom It May Concern:

"I want - I want - I want. . . ." Sounds like high maintenance, and yet all I want is to have some say, some control, over my body and decisions regarding treatment. I don't want to see a half dozen "experts" even if they are in the same building! I don't want to mask symptoms with medication. In the medical field, that is absurd, don't you know. And so it can be in chiropractic, don't you know.

I seek treatment at Living Well Chiropractic on a regular basis, where I can call and ask for help ASAP!

At Living Well Chiropractic, the extensive knowledge base and training, and products further convey their passion for healing. I must recommend the ones that steered my path of recovery.

#1 SP Cleanse-this gentle total body cleanse is a MUST, and for me, preferable to fasting. I ate fruits and vegetables and small amounts of protein for 3 weeks. I stopped drinking coffee altogether, without going through unbearable withdrawals, let go if some unwanted emotions (the liver is the seat of anger, don't you know), and some of the aches and pains that accompanied those emotions disappeared as well. Improvement in skin tone and, um, bodily functions noted.

#2 Allergy desensitizing

#3 Emotional Techniques-like chronic pain, I try not to think about it, or about each place that hurts; I might notice one area of pain, and maybe one thing that bugs me. NET (Neuro - Emotional Technique ) somehow generalizes buried emotions into words-something I can't or won't do, and sometimes a specific time frame emerges. It's like putting an emotional puzzle together…. and I don't have to talk "whatever" to death.

#4 Color Therapy-sit back or snooze in the massage chair with colored glasses on, and 15 minutes later you'll leave with a smile on your face! Blocked energy released!

#5 Supplements-I am particularly fond of DSF, TOTAL FLM, and the TOTAL Green protein powder. Oh, and Bio-Freeze for sore muscles. Oh, and Total Virex when flu season hits. You can muscle tests for each one, and if you don't need something you will be told so. I like that.

Living Well Chiropractic is way to hell and gone from where I live and work but it's worth the commute: one phone call (or drop in), and all the amenities I could possibly. . . want… or need... short of life support, practically, don't you know.

Living Well Chiropractic... just what the doctor ordered. Thanks

- Anonymous


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